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OCR Caller

Taking pictures with your phone? Call with camera instead

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OCR Dialer

This application dials numbers recognised by camera. Just point to phone number on business card, paper, magazine or wall with green reticle,and tap on the screen. Press OK if you are satisfied with recognition result to dial number. Press cancel button to dismiss result and try again.

Please read application instructions ( press menu - help )

This application is in beta testing - it is usefull, but has some limitations. Please report problems, send stracktraces (if any, please filter with "ocrcall" ) and weird samples. Do not forget to specify your phone model.


Only dark text on light background is supported at the moment. Digits shall be easily separated (fair spacing, no undercuts etc). Performance in cleaning up weird backgrounds may vary - this is not a captcha solver. Digit sizt shall be at least 3-4 mm, though your results may vary depending on camera.


This application was tested on HTC Hero, and processing is slow (though it works). It takes about 1-2 seconds on Motorola Defy to process 10 digit phone number.

Download and install APK: ocrcall.apk


I'm interested in your reports about performance and individual problems arising from use of this application. Please send your reports to: konstantin.pribluda@gmail.com

Current state

version 0.9 improves recognition speed

Improved classifiers (99.25 percent on sample data), assisted by bullshit removal and counting of continuous free spaces