About J Tec Team

J Tec Team is small german software consulting company. We offer software development, consulting, project management, release management, teching and coaching and because we have strong OpenSource background we also develop annd release open source software, and not to forget - we participate in several open source projects as commiters or contributors.

Own OpenSource projects

Over the time we developed qute a lot of software, which we are happy to release under business friendly license (Apache). We actually use this software for our customers, helping reduce costs and improve quality of software projects.

Those frameworks are designed to run in DI envirnment ( preferably pico/nanocontainer ) and are easy to integrate in various web projects. See if there is something usefull for you:

JTec menu
Simple, xml-configurable menu system. Provides breadcrumbs, automated entry activation and is best used with sitemesh
JTec validator
Powerfull, rule based data validation framework. Usefull not only for validation but also for generic decision taking. Provides simple XML or programatic configuration and has really high performance.
JTec User
Nice lightweight user management framework. Not more, not less. Hierarchical groups, unlimited depth, no cycles allowed. Plugable passwork hashing. Every serializable object can be saved as user profile. Based on hibernate. Best used With Pico/Nanocontainer.
JTec Security
Simple security framework to be used with jtec-user. Proivdes security assotations and login action for webwork 2 / struts 2.
JTec Beads
JTec beads is simple but powerfull structured content management system. This is very alpha, but core works and being actively developed, as well as first schowcase applications.