26. May 2021

JHipster and reactive feign clients

As long as you keep to standards, jhipster is a great tool, but it starts to get difficult when you like to have something different. In my use case it is necessary to call backend service after user creation, and I had to google and tweak a lot to achieve this. I put it in one place, so you do not have to.


22. April 2021

Mating JHipster microservices to each ohter

JHIpster is great, like xdoclet (remember it?) on steroids and it allows you to get your applications runnung fast. All the basic stuff. But it is not always clear how to do other things when you need them. I hat to mate 2 microservices. Here is how it can be done


14. March 2021

More credit for top players - shadow scores

As lines game is very meditative you can play it as long as you manage to keep field clean - so top players are not receiving enough credit and get may bored. Let’s give them credit they deserve. And ample waring that there is somebody attacking their highscore.


03. March 2021

Saving game highscores

For a game to be real fun, there has to be a competition. When I decided to reactivate my lines game, there was need for Highscore backend. So I developed one with spring and docker.


03. November 2019

JSF, Selenium and black magic

JSF is old and reputable technology, and while not really modern, it is still present in field, and applications have to be maintained. And - of course - tested. Selenium is a great tool for this, but when pages are dynamically changed by backend it becomes challenging.


09. August 2018

IntelliJ Idea plugin . Part 6 - Spacing

Spacing provider is responsible for managemet ef excess spaces - like trailing whitespaces on line ends or after parethesises or whatever. It is created by FormattingModelBuilder


08. August 2018

IntelliJ Idea plugin . Part 5 - Prettyfying

Every programming language has own needs for formatting to better reflect structure. Oor grammar and syntax is somewhere in between of pascal, java and lisp with square brackets on top - so standart formatter is doing really poor job. We need better one! Anyway - tutroals of jetbrains are very scetchy on this topic so I will try to shine some light on it.


21. May 2018

Writing IntelliJ Idea plugin . Part 1

IntelliJ Idea is not a free IDE - but since 15 years (or longer) the are able to sell against free IDEs like eclipse.
Because it is just better and easy to expand. And sometimes there is a need for support of some awkward programming language - and you have to bite a bullet and roll your own plugin.


10. May 2018

Mocking hipsters

Cool webapps nowadays are made with lot of javascript and boilerplate code. It is almost as bad as EIB. JHipster helps you to get your prototype up and running in minutes (and it takes a lot more time to look arround at all the cool stuff that you do not have to write yourself by hand). But you still have to code your business logic - and of course test it. How does it play together with mocking?


11. February 2018

Flight LH889

I moved to Vilnius, but still have to visit Germany from time to time. Usually I fly with LH889 VNO-FRA which leaves at 6:35 local time - so it means I get to see a lot of sunrises. Sometimes they are really gorgeous. Especially when seen from 12000 meter.


09. February 2018

Speaking in tongues

I am learning wintersmith, anf now it is time to write first plugin. I write in multiple kanguages and can use some organisation so my readers can find suitable text easily. Of course it is based on basic paginatorplugin, but we have to start somewhere. Let’s do it.


31. January 2018

Code archeology

digging in my attic I found stash of old CDRs from my student times. Back then I freelanced for small medical technology company and developed video archiving for cardiac catheterisation procedures